$10,000 by September 23.
Make Revolution Books Known Everywhere:
the political, intellectual & cultural center of a movement for an actual revolution.

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UPDATE: Tues. 8.14, revolutionaries and resisters, including Revolution Books volunteers, reported back at Rev Books from confronting the white supremacist demonstration in Washington, DC on Sunday. Watch the video of the report-back. Then donate to Revolution Books in the spirit of our 90-year old donor who was horrified as white supremacists prepared to "commemorate" their murderous tiki-torch march last summer in Charlottesville. "This looks like Hitler. What can I do?" She gave $700 and challenged others to match it -- which succeeded in a few hours. NOW YOU! And if you haven't yet, ask 5 friends to join you.


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The $10,000 we raise together will be used to produce a high-quality iconic poster and palm cards -- and greatly expand promotion of Revolution Books throughout New York City, especially Harlem. Teams fanning out in Harlem and beyond -- at cultural events and institutions, parks, cafes, and political protests. So that the word gets out!
Here’s the contradiction we're facing. In this urgent moment -- with the very future of humanity and the planet itself in peril -- not enough people know about, visit, and financially support Revolution Books.

THAT'S the problem this fund drive is working on.

As the U.S. government kidnaps immigrant children… as the police brutalize and murder Black and Latino youth… as the right to abortion is savaged… and as the fascist Trump/Pence regime presses ahead with its hateful agenda and threatens nuclear war -- Revolution Books matters.

At Revolution Books, you wrestle with why these horrors are happening, their roots in the workings and history of this capitalist-imperialist system. We get into big questions. Would it really take an actual revolution aiming to free all of humanity to end the oppression this country has enforced on Black people? Trump targets Muslims and immigrants: what’s more important, order or social justice -- where do you stand?

At Revolution Books, you discover that the world doesn’t have to be this way. There is a way out, an actual revolution to overthrow this system when the conditions are right... and to go on to build a society and world where human beings can truly flourish.  Here you discover a whole new framework for human emancipation: the new communism developed by Bob Avakian. This is the scientific method and approach for analyzing and understanding the world as it is… and how it can be changed to put an end to all exploitation and oppression.
Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o, acclaimed Kenyan author, and Andy Zee, spokesperson for Revolution Books

Wherever people are in turmoil, they need to find out about Revolution Books: 
The unique and wide-ranging selection of books.  A space of critical thinking and the poetic spirit -- where Pulitzer Prize winners mix it up with people from around the block and from around the world.  A gathering center for discussion, debate, and resistance to the Trump/Pence regime.  A bookstore that connects people to a revolution to change everything.
RevBooks at the Schomburg Center for  Research in Black Culture

So donate. Get the word out, and get your friends to donate. 
$100 funds 1,000 palm cards.
$400 funds a table at the 2018 Brooklyn Book Festival in September.
$500 funds 500 posters.

$10,000 by Sept 23... 
to put Revolution Books, the political, intellectual & cultural center of a movement for an actual revolution, in front of people all across NYC.

Revolution Books is not-for-profit and all-volunteer. Your donation to support the work of the bookstore can be tax-deductible by making your contribution to the Revolution Books Educational Fund which sponsors the on- and off-site educational activities of Revolution Books. 

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